I Did It!

When I started this build I expected it to take six months but then I got laid off and with the loss of income it turned into two years and six months. I started this little blog so that my family and friends who live at a distance could watch the progress. Since then this little blog has been viewed over 8,700 times in over 23 different countries.

What were the lessons? The timelines on dreams and plans is not nearly as important as the consistent continually chipping away at them. And the humblest of communications can have far reaching and profound impact, far beyond anything we anticipate.

When I turned 50 I got a tattoo, a very specific tattoo that took me a year to find. So I really got the tattoo when I was about 51, but it was exactly what I wanted. Some years ago I took myself to Alaska for a week. It was a trip I wanted to make for 30 years before I was able to go, but it ended up being exactly the trip I was hoping for. This tiny house was over 20 years in the making. It was something I chipped away at 1 tool at a time, 1 book at a time, 1 website at a time, 1 building plan at a time, 1 random web search at a time, 1 conversation at a time, 1 supply shopping trip at a time. It was a project born out of a problem that needed a solution. It made sense and it needed to be done even though I had no idea what I was doing or how I was going to do it.

I am 30 years sober tomorrow and there is no finer way to savor that than walking in a front door to a little teeny tiny building that is warm and cozy and inviting, and that I built with my own hopes, dreams, and hands.

Thank you to my friend Deb who never got impatient with my timeline. Thanks to Deb, Sheryl, and Cindy who helped me raise the framed walls. Thanks to Sheryl who stepped outside her Macy’s comfort zone and braved scaffolding to help me raise the exterior sheathing into place. Thanks to some awesome DIY pros who were kind enough to answer a couple random online questions. Thanks to God for giving me an “if you can think it, you can do it” spirit.

Thanks to my daughters who recanted their original view. Admittedly they thought I was a little nuts when this whole thing started. They had no idea what was on my radar or how I was ever going to make it happen. As of their most recent update, they show their friends and I’ve earned a measure of their pride and respect. My mom, my in-laws, anyone who enters, immediately finds comfort and smiles, feeling as though they have just entered a space that is much bigger than the measured square footage.

You have been a very kind audience and I thank you for your patience and attention. Once I decide upon an excursion I’ll add more but for now…go live your dreams and thank you for sharing in one of mine.