Ready to Roll!

October 19, 2013

The best mechanics ever have done enough of the suspension work to be able to roll out of the driveway and down to the shop for some additional enhancements and fortification. With a little luck we’ll roll on down the road sometime this coming week for a brief stop with them, and then on to the next spot…

There is absolutely no better feeling for me right now than to be sitting in my tiny house and typing this entry. Many hours of scary stuff are behind me. Today was the last great hurdle. I finished installing the fireplace chimney and Dickinson 9000 fireplace. Low and behold it works! What a feeling! In no time at all this little workhorse of a heater, designed to heat a 32′ boat cabin, took the mild seasonal chill right out of the air.

I think for the first time in her 3 year history there are no tools littering the floor, or tucked into some corner awaiting the next set of tasks on the punch list of things to be done.

This effort would not be complete without thanking Deb for never losing her patience with the sliding timeline I got subjected to after the layoff. It would not be complete without thanking the pros who took the time to help me improvise and who answered questions as they arose, even though I could seldom ask them in standard trade language. Walls would never have been hefted without the gals who stepped out of their comfort zone and gave me a few hours of their time and some much needed muscle.

And better than breaking a bottle of champagne over the trailer tongue, all of you have taken the time to follow along, checking in from time to time, sharing experiences of your own builds and celebrating my challenges and victories as they came along. What started as a modest little blog designed for my family to keep up with has now been seen in 28 countries and has had almost 9,000 views. The experience has been wonderful!

No telling what the next part of this blog will hold but for now… that’s a wrap! Thank you, and God bless!