Woohoo! Thank you, all…

Over 108,000 (as of June 19th) views in 76 countries! I was shooting for 10,000 before my birthday (mid June) and you guys have all made much more than that happen, much sooner than anticipated! Published and 10,000+ all in the same day (May 21st)!!! Thank you so very much. I’m one of those people that really hates to miss a deadline or not achieve a particular goal (as I’m sure are VERY MANY of you…)


14 responses to “Woohoo! Thank you, all…

  1. Just read about you through Tiny House Newsletter. I’m a 60 year old man framing up a tiny house for my later years. Way to go. Your house is beautiful.

  2. Very inspirational! We are two peas in a pod with seemingly parallel lives and situations. Wonder how many more of “us” are out there? I think quite a few. Now to solve the problem of the tiny house community and the codes.

    Kudos to you for plowing ahead and never fearing! That is key … Blessings to you and your new home!


    • My agenda lies elsewhere. I have no desire to participate in political dramas. Been there done that! Best of luck to you 🙂 and thanks for stopping by!

      • Thank you for your story. I am building a “Saskatoon Cabin” 12′ x 18′. I am sad the American Dream has become the rat race for a lot of people.

    • But what you may not realize is that many (most of whom I have never met) have also been an inspiration to me. My birthday is June 20th.

      • And mine is June 21st!! (59th) Thank you for your inspiring story and I am so glad that so many have connected with you. I have started my own tiny house with taking apart a very unstable thrown away bed or couch frame from the students moving out of University of Cal at Berkeley. I have a 3×3 foot interior wall! I have figured out how to cut some of my bookcases, and use others as is, to create stairs to my future loft and have them as storage still also, stablized of course. It is so much fun to think of what materials will come to me in beauty and reuse to provide my new home. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in all the details.

  3. Big Ideas – Small House

    I’m not sure you know how special this all is… do you realize with your wonderful ‘voice’ and way of writing that there’s a book here? Put the archives of the months before, the dreaming, the planning, the triumphs, failures, setbacks and ‘oops’, research and advice about everything from the toilet to the shower to the instant-on water heater, to that wonderful stone counter, and combine them with the day to day photographs and you’ll have yourself a nice little bestseller in the not so small world of small houses? 🙂 While any age group can do this, the over 55-ish single women are perhaps the most in need of both the idea but the encouragement, since many of us are victims of the same economy, the same lies about needing ‘things’ to be happy, the same worries about the future and affording everything, taxes, food, medical care…

    Congrats! I plan on doing much the same thing in Mexico next year. Only one more year to wait…

    • OMG! Frozenoem I was literally looking at your name yesterday and wondering if you fell off the map or what you were up to! So very good to hear from you! Thanks for the thumbs up! What are you up to these days?

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