The Adventure Continues…

The more I transition my life the more grateful I am for years of experience as a camper and DIY’er.  Tiny house living is an adjustment in mindset and lifestyle.  It’s not just tossing out a bunch of stuff and looking at the remaining heap with satisfaction and saying, “yup this stuff will fit.”  It’s about understanding what you want, what you need, and making sure you are okay with why.

Some folks require all the memory attachments.  My process was more of a wipe the slate clean and put together my life, the way it should have been without a lot of the preceding drama.  I’ve always traveled light as the saying goes but this was about making my entire life a lightened load.

Tiny house living puts many people in new geographic locations.  That may mean having to make all new contacts, learn an entirely new geographic region, discern an entirely new economic arena and find a way to fit your prior experience into it, create new habits and new routines, learn new localized methods for socializing.

These things do not happen overnight.  They come through trial, error, experimentation, and time.  They are also things that may not come easily for some folks.

Typically, I am someone who adapts and adjusts very quickly to new environments and new challenges.  In this case the transition has been more time consuming than I anticipated.  It’s amazing how many little habits creep into our lives that we never even notice until the things that have kept them in place are no longer there.  Being a person of efficiency, I like to cut wasted moments out of my day but setting up new efficiencies and routines also takes thought and planning.

If you are retired some of this may be less significant. If you are still very engaged in your work life, be sure not to underestimate the potential for some frustration along the way. It doesn’t mean you made a bad call. It is more like my daughter put it, “first semester freshman year of college all over again…”