Three Years…

Tiny Home 2014This morning, coffee cup in hand, I decided to take a peek and see if there was any recent traffic on here. Refreshing to find that there was but even more refreshing was that I noticed it was 3 years ago this month that I started posting here.

Thank you to everyone who has followed alomg in this little adventure of mine. I’ve met some truly wonderful people who have spirits and spunk I admire. As with many things I’ve also met with those who are merely searching for a fad to try to jump onto and make a quick name or a quick buck.

I’ve never met Dee Williams but have to thank her because at the time she and I were the only women engaged in our own builds and without her even being aware, she was an inspiration to me.

I’m not a save the world-er. I’m not part of the so-called Tiny House Movement. Im just one woman who needed a solution to some life challenges, a woman who still believes in the American Dream and way of life, and a woman who tries to live by example for her children. It doesn’t make sense to tell kids to reach high if you yourself are afraid and unwilling to do the same.

That said, because I sought my own solutions I have been gifted with meeting other souls seeking solutions for their lives as well. Connecting with that part of our society that still seeks ownership for living their life is delightful and renewing.

I’m prepping for my first full time winter in my tiny house. Having spent the last 4 months working out some of the kinks and filtering out some more stuff I don’t really feel like holding onto, I’m ready for the next go-round. By June of next year I expect to have remaining only what I truly wish to keep so that my goal of traveling light with my world arranged as I wish to have it arranged at this stage of living will have been met and the kinks from each of the seasons will have been resolved.

Happy travels and safe building to those of you for whom this option makes sense and offers solutions and contentment.🔨🔩🔧 🚙🏠

56 and Making Stuff!!!


8 responses to “Three Years…

  1. I want to do the same thing as you I am concerned about that my mortgage payments will outlast my employability. So I am preparing for it now. But I too am numerically challenged and no building skills. So I am glad there is someone like me who has reached the goal. Your journey is the light at the end of my tunnel! Thank you!

  2. I am just like you,and in the plaining stage of my Tiny house, and so excited to get started, I really like you little house and I think you did a awesome job,.I pray mine comes out just near as nice as yours.Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Inspirational story. Thanks for showing the way, or at least one way to live a more simple lifestyle on a human level that is sustainable and rewarding.

  4. Wow I’m so glad to have read your story – i am currently thinking of building a house but having a new mortgage at age 54 is not really what I’m excited about. I’ve been reading about tiny houses and would love to do what you have accomplished. Where do i start?

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