Fall’s Preview…


I am so fortunate to have some wonderful people in my life who love me and welcome me…

This little abode couldn’t be any more welcoming of the Fall, visitors, or me, if there were a huge welcome sign and red carpet.


8 responses to “Fall’s Preview…

  1. just found your blog, look forward to reading more, as a granny near the other coast just learning to build a bit, it is a joy to find like minded souls.

  2. So great to know that another woman in my age range build her own tiny home. I am in the building process right now. I have two walls up and then a huge snow storm hit us here in Peterborough, Ontario. So far I have build it all myself. Sure was interesting getting an 8′ wall up onto the trailer myself. I moved into my friends place and put my things in a storage unit. This helped me to purge alot of “stuff” before moving into my tiny home. I have really enjoyed designing my own plans and estimating lumber needs and costs. I have bought all of my windows second hand for a total of $265 for eight windows and two doors. I will enjoy reading your new adventures.

  3. Hi, just found your blog, enjoyed reading it and will look forward to reading more. Well done on your achievements and good luck! Your little house looks beautiful. Best wishes from Scotland – Iona x

  4. Shirley, you are truly an inspiration. I’m also a 50 something female dreaming of a tiny home. I agree with one of the other posters on Alex’s blog, you should be a motivational speaker, I’d love to hear your story in person. Do you give tours of your tiny home? Email me privately if you like

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