6 Months of Observations…

Take a peek at the recent issue of Alex Pino’s Tiny House Talk!



8 responses to “6 Months of Observations…

  1. I really liked your post in Alex Pino’s tiny house talk. You seam to be where I am now with what I am doing. I don’t have a fridge. Currently I don’t have a shower. But a temporary fix will make that happen soon. My pump I wonder also if it is sized right. Yes I feel empowered too. Living off the grid and making it all happen for myself. There is so much serenity living away from everything off the grid watching the snow fall with a warm coffee or tea in your hand.
    I want to meet you. I have not met anyone yet that owns a tiny home on wheels like me.
    I can post my email if it doesn’t show for you. I couldn’t figure out how else to send you a message.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read and respond. Are you located in New England? Did you do the build yourself? Sounds like in some ways your still working things through like I am and in other ways you are good with things as they are. I do have a frig and a shower but I definitely still have some tweaks yet to make!

  2. I’ve learned perked coffee has got to be one of the greatest gifts one can share with a sunrise – TRUTH. That sentence made me smile inside and out since sunrise is my favorite time of day and coffee, well it’s the elixir of life in my books! 🙂

  3. You give me hope. I can’t build my own, and I live in a far more forgiving climate, but I am tiny house dreaming a lot. Congratulations. I doubt that I will miss one bit of stuff! Florie

  4. I would love to visit with you, I have a small house I am trying to get remodeled. Could use a lot of advice. Please email me if you get some time .


  5. Shirley – thanks for the inspiration on Alex’s site. I have followed your progress there. Your terrific attitude and accomplishments truly stimulate the imagination.

    In 2011 I needed to rapidly downsize and went from 1800 to 450 sq. ft — I know: 450 sq ft is palatial compared to “real” tiny living, but still a dramatic change for me.

    I find reading your experiences and some of the others in the Tiny House movement to be so helpful in transitioning and moving ahead.

    Good luck with all your endeavors!

    – Annette

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