So What’s it Like Now?

I have been in tiny house full time for a little over a year now and someone asked me today if it was as I thought it would be.  They asked me if I enjoyed it as much as I thought I would.

Without exception, there is not one time when I have opened the front door, or even merely approached my front door, and not felt a sense of comfort, coziness, and security.  Because my frig is smaller, I have finally learned to shop and cook for one.  This one simple thing has drastically improved my diet.  The cross ventilation has worked to give passive solar and also refreshing breezes, just as I hoped it would.

Having completed a full calendar cycle I now know which of my remaining ideas should most likely be things I do, and which are probably completely unnecessary.  I also know I’m completely fine if I do nothing different because I have loved this last year, exactly as it has been.

I can honestly say that not only is my tiny house the shelter I had hoped it would be, it is far more than I hoped it would be.  It is a haven.  It is a refuge, a place where I don’t feel the bumps and bruises that led to me downsizing in the first place.  It is something my children and grandchildren think of when they are met with challenges.  It is a place that has expanded my sense of connectedness.  It is a place that keeps me more attuned to that natural clock ticking each day outside my front door.  It is a place that reminds me to take care of myself and stay in shape because I built it and I know the weight of each sheet of plywood, and I like the lifestyle that having that strength affords me.  I do less impulse buy shopping because I’m more mindful of my available storage space.

LIving in my tiny house keeps me engaged and attentive in ways I never anticipated.

I would have to say that not only have I enjoyed my tiny house as I thought I would, I have enjoyed it in ways I never envisioned.


3 responses to “So What’s it Like Now?

  1. I love the idea of a tiny house and am inspired by your story and others. The only problem I have with tiny house living is the lack of food storage area in case of disaster (whether man made or natural). How do you feel about this issue ?

    • I’m not a prepper but you can layout your storage however it suits your unique needs. With that in mind, and bearing that in most cases a tiny house is occupied by very few people, you could easily fit a tremendous amount of food inside one if good storage was high on your design priority. Additionally, I have seen people who do have more of a prepper mindset build what I would call outdoor pantries. They might take a standup deck storage, outfit it with shelves, and pack it full of canned goods. The ideas are yours to fit with whatever your unique needs may be.

  2. Thanks for sharing your year in a tiny house. I’ve read so many posts on building one and the processes up to building one, but very few posts on what it is actually like to live in one. Sounds wonderful and I can hear your sigh of joy as you step over the threshold.

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