I Love an Inviting Porch!

4:00 AM @ the THTiny House has a wonderful new porch from which to enjoy 4:00 in the morning as the sun comes up, or later in the day as it heads back down…


4 responses to “I Love an Inviting Porch!

  1. Dear Fellow Warrior & Winner,

    Congratulations on the superior job you’ve done !!! I hope your story inspire/motivate others to open their minds and understand that, difficult times are going to come. It’s what you do, and believe, that will get you,

    You have a treasure & richness way beyond what superficial minds can embrace. We are kindred spirits with a lot in common, Large home & family, a thing of the past. Am older, female, finite monthly income, and it’s alllllll good. Why? Because regardless of what happens in my life, I come from Strong Christian family, and where there’s a will, (and I have a lot of that haha), there’s ALWAYS A WAY.

    That said, I saw where things were headed and was pro-active, rather than reactive to a serious problem down the road. I’m having a ball researching everything about the Tiny House movement for 16 months now, and cant wait to get my trailer. Since I have an art & jr engineering background, that’s half that battle. Although I’m very feminine, coupled with men not being very chivalrous, I roll up my sleeves, brought my own tools, asked a lot of questions, and love the satisfaction of building or taking care of something.

    Well I wish you the very best and you be blessed.

    Chanel F.

  2. hi, I came a cross your post and i’m really inspired. I been playing with the Idea of making a tiny house for my mother who is 73, retired and loves to be independent. Currently she lives with me and has her own room and bath. But i would love to give her “a place to call her own” .My house has a decent back yard where i would love to make the tiny home. I have not money to pay someone to build it. no construction experience and money is limited. how much was you overall building materials? did you have to pay someone to do the electrical work and plumbing? Any DYI books you can recommend? I have 1000 questions 🙂 .. but i wanted to tell you how much i admired you! thanks for sharing your experience!


    • Thank you for contacting me. While I appreciate your favorable feedback, I’m afraid the things you ask about are not as straightforward as you might think. From the first time I thought of building a tiny house, until the time it was actually finished, you are probably talking about a span of 15 or 20 years. Can you shorten that window? Of course, but it will depend upon your own perseverance, creativity, resourcefulness, tenacity, and where you live. I was limited by many things but my mindset is such that I approach everything by way of, well if that won’t work then what can I do instead. I wish you well and again, thank you.

      • Thank you, thank you for sharing your story, your pictures have made me feel less daunted as at 52 and low income job no hope for better is seems, so what can I do from where I’m at and never be homeless again.I’m proud of u

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