helping hands (giving credit where due)

This project has always been planned with the intention of it being a one woman build whenever possible.  Just to be on the safe side I did enlist some willing friends for those times when a couple of sets of hands are most definitely better than one.

Below are those who have promised to lend a helping hand, or who have already done so.


Matthew Laughlin – hooked me up with the truck and a skilled driver to help me make a 3 hour, in the rain, multi-state highway trek (my nerves weren’t yet up to that one)

Rick (owner of AJ’s Exxon in Hingham) – Rick and his men went outside of the box, went to my build site, and did the leaf spring work I needed to fortify the trailer and make sure it was safe for me

Deb Nunziato – she shared her driveway, some muscle, and her neighborhood

Sheryl Grinsztein – my dear friend who, prior to this, did not step out of her Macy’s shopping comfort zone.  She tried her hand at staining, Great Stuff, sheathing, and hefting walls once they were framed

Cindy Zelman – came by with coffee one morning and helped heft up the front wall just as framing it was finished

Volunteered to Help

Jen Clark – friend and local online cheerleader  🙂

Diane Temple – my sister who thought it was a cool project but was too far away to join in

Loaned Materials or Shared Their Experience:

William Rockhill – shared his experience, his insight, and swapped me a beautiful coat rack and 2 towel racks in exchange for my skills as an admin.

Kayleen McCabe – gave me some insight on some great tools (unfortunately I couldn’t afford them)

Chuck Loomis – loaned me a ladder whose reach was higher than I could muster the nerve to climb, hence the scaffolding…

Mike Haberkorn – my brother who would willingly have come to lend me an extra set of hands but  was a little too far away to do so at the time

A couple of the neighborhood folks whose names I don’t know but whose conversation I have enjoyed.


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