starting at the beginning

Some years ago I started to look around for a little cottage and found one that I liked a lot.  After inquiring about the price I was stunned.  I could not imagine someone asking that much money for such a modest home in such a modest setting.

In order to get a better grasp on the situation I searched for a building plan and materials list that were similar to the home that caught my interest.  I found one and took the materials list to the local store, pricing out everything on the list.  The home was priced at approximately eight times the cost of the materials.

I am a woman who has never worked in the trades.  Even my own kids thought I might have actually managed to become the eccentric little lady I always told them I planned to grow into.  They were afraid I was jumping in over my head, and I wasn’t totally sure they were wrong.

Where, where, where, where was I to begin???  And where do you begin?

Search, search, search, search, and search some more.  Amass libraries, lists, and resources.  Take stock.

What looks, floorplans, and design elements do you like?  What do you absolutely need, and can you create a partnership between your likes and the must-have’s?

Is this project one you will do on your own or will you have help?  What are the skill sets and abilities you can tap into?

Will your tiny house be built on a trailer?  If so, what kind do you need and where do you plan to make your purchase?

Do you already own the necessary tools?  If not, can you borrow them?  Will you purchase them?  Will you rent them?

What’s your budget?  Is that all you have or will there be more to come later?  If your money comes in phases, break your build down into phases so that the money available meets the money needed for that phase.

Study codes, building techniques, woodworking techniques, material properties, construction methods, and anything else you can get your hands on.

Develop a project plan.  Sequence what you want to do, and when you want to get it done.

Accept the fact that everything will not be perfectly in place when you begin but that should not stop you from beginning.


8 responses to “starting at the beginning

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    • Thank you for that. One of the things I found most troubling during the build was the number of people who somehow saw me as different from themselves. Tiny homes are not for everyone but everyone has something in their life that they would like to improve upon. It all starts with a goal, admitting you have no idea what you are doing because if you did then it would already be done, seeking out information, accessing resources, and taking little tiny bites until you are able to take bigger bites. Fix the mistakes. Slow, steady progress eventually gets you there or somewhere perhaps even better…

  2. I’m becoming more encouraged by the minute as I read through your blog! Hurray for you and thank you for sharing the steps of your journey…

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