photos – 1st phase

trailer purchased second-hand from Craig's List

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15 responses to “photos – 1st phase

  1. Well that was interesting! I just got home a little while ago, soaked to the skin. It’s really an interesting process, going up and down a wet ladder, making sure the electrical cords don’t fall into a puddle, and removing somewhere around 1,000 gallons of water. Really, Really, Really LOVE big blue tarps!

    • You bet. In some of the other photos you can see other sides. This angle shows the most so I use it to illustrate progress but I’ll take some pics and send them to you so you can see the whole thing.

  2. I’m 62 and thinking about building a tiny house. I found the plans and already have all the tools and know how to use them. My concern is I need to live close to the ocean to breathe, severe allergies, but I can’t find anyplace to put a tiny home. Did you buy property or do you rent? Where did you learn to build the roof, I’ve got floors and walls but don’t know how to do the roof. Do you have inside pics.
    Thank you, your blog and house are great.

    • If you go to the blog you will see more photos. Regarding the roof, I used scaffolding to get me high enough and give me a surface to have my tools and materials on. On how to build the roof, there are a couple of books out (check out Lowes or Amazon) that are pictorial illustrations on construction. I also invested in this huge book that is the bible for residential construction codes. The pictorial construction books were easiest for me to understand. Regarding land, for your needs, check around on the web, you may find people who will lease/rent/community share in a setting that will work for you.

  3. i love it! i too think i will build my own but i too want to be by ocean…………oegon or washington. just want to know i can find a place to put my tiny home and it be legal……….any help would be grand……….

    • Don’t have those answers for you because we have different end-goals but I’m sure if you dig around you will find information somewhere that will help you figure things out. You can also wait until your build is done because you may find things in your life are different by then. Either way, best of luck.

  4. Very inspiring. I’m 66, female, & really want to do the tiny house thing. Seems the biggest obstacle is locating a suitable parking place. I’m continually searching. Thanks for the motivation to carry on.

    • Dig around. There are many people who are at a point in life where they simply want or need company and maybe a little help. Often they acquired a lifestyle they like and want to hold onto but it’s a little much when they don’t have others around for a little help or coffee and conversation.

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