photos – 2nd phase

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    • Hey Froze! Working on the inside. 2nd Phase photos will be of the inside and finishing photos. I have some to post but am a little more delayed than I usually am in getting them up on the site. Will try to get them up over the weekend. Thx for checking in!

      • My husband and I have been researching Tiny websites, blogs and youtube videos, for months and your site is one of my favs. On Jan.1, 2015 we purchased a used gooseneck 28’ft trailer and we are on our way
        to becoming a part of the Tiny House Movement.

    • I had thought about doing something like that with a shipping container but I’m not yet an experienced enough welder! Sounds awesome! Let me know how it comes out!

    • Great house. Great story. Great attitude. Thanks for sharing!

      jamie72653: I am thinking about building Tumbleweed’s Mica, which is similar to the Z-Glass in some ways. How do you like Tumbleweed plans? I would love to be in contact!


      • Karen, I have not purchased the plans forZ-Glass as yet. I am still in the doodling stage and I will be building it on a foundation, not on a trailer. I am to old to move it around, 65. LOL. I considered the Mica, but again, age prevents me from climbing in bed. If you want to contact me direct, use

  1. Hey dear S, want to say: Beautiful job! I’m an experienced designer/builder, and you are awesome! ( Used to live in Maine, too) Nice work! Plus, your insistence and will power totally impress me! So, you can be very proud, beyond the carpentry… All the best! With love- Christian in Berlin

  2. I’m preparing for almost the same journey with a few added years on me lol! Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve been in the reading stage of all the tiny house blogs for some then your story came along so similar. Gave me more inspiration and more possibility.awesome job!

  3. Wow! I am so impressed by your house and your determination. And so many lovely details inside to create a cozy, warm space. Love the piece on the back wall that looks like it might be a coat hanger. Is that something you made as well?

  4. I so enjoyed reading your story. I am 54, work in Dallas and live on a large farm in East Texas, kids are gone and I cannot wait to sell my place and get started on a second wonderful life. Like you I have more tools than several guys put together and have done most of my own repairs all my single life. Started downsizing last year….really hard to get rid of things the kids handmade me. Gave 5 horses away to good homes, two older ones left. I have boxes full of things to give the kids once they settle down and start their lives. I refuse to rent a storage unit because after a awhile you have spent more on storage fees then the items are worth. I work with elderly individuals and I see the importance of getting rid of STUFF before you die. Why put your kids through that mess, most STUFF gets taken to goodwill or the trash. The kids do not want it and have no idea of it’s value. I have seen kids fighting over items because they thought they were worth $$$. Once they find out they are worthless, they toss them into the trash pile.

    Yeah for you. I have been looking at building a small house like yours with slide outs. They featured one on this site about 9 months ago. Thin walls with R60 insulation, a unit which produced 30 gallons of water a day, solar, etc..

    • You sound like you are more knowledgeable than most. I would love to hear about your progress. I can totally relate to some of what you posted here, even if for different reasons. I took a different approach than you. I have been in positions where I was forced to get rid of stuff against my will so I rented storage knowing I would pay more than the stuff was worth but it wasn’t going anywhere until I said it was going somewhere. In due time things found their way along the right path. Love the ideas you have for your home! What remains that won’t fit into my tiny house, or I don’t want in it right now is being contained in portable storage right outside my door. In time that too will find the proper use or path. Let me know how you progress. I would love to hear!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is incredibly inspirational, and important for women to hear. Especially when they may believe something like this is impossible. Thanks for showing it can be done. Like your pluck!

  6. yes I admire your pluck as previously stated, you have determination and guts to get on with what you have done. Your interiors look so professional, what an amazing creation. I am in Australia, 61, and would love to get started, I work in a Hospital, past 43 years and am wanting to begin a new life, you are a gem!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I do not claim to be a master craftsman but my skill set meets my needs and gives me a sound safe place to begin. I was fortunate to have formed an online friendship with a true craftsman who was kind enough to take the time to answer my questions when I got stuck on something. If you want to see beautiful rustic work go to

  7. Sounds like your story is inspiring many females, which is a growing group of consumers, to take the step to small home ownership. Being without a huge house payment and “things” to weigh you down sounds wonderful. Being on wheels so you can move about sounds grand!!

  8. Don’t get me wrong. I love big old New England farmhouses, old southern mansions, magical victorian gingerbread. and the clean easy breathing lines of interior open space floorplans. If I would have had my choice I would have raised my kids in a good community where they had room to run in a home that would have escalated over the 30, 40 or more years that it would have been home and when I passed on they would have had a good nest egg. It didn’t go that way so I could have either continued to stay in a puddle or try to carve something meaningful out of the day. I chose the latter. It is not without its challenges but it is a haven and I have the joy of knowing what my children have seen of me over the years and that they are truly proud of me.

    • Me too, but who the heck has the time to work 50 hours a week and keep the house clean, yard and pastures mowed and flower beds clean. Not on my salary or time schedule. My old ranch house appears clean, but the 5 second rule does not apply for food that hits the floor!! ha I enjoy getting on my tractor and mowing pastures. Very relaxing for me. But the stress of keeping up a huge house, yard, pastures etc.. gets old after 26 years of doing it by myself. That being said, it was worth it for my kids to grow up tossing hay into the barn, working with horses, swimming in the pond, hiking etc… They have friends they have known all their life, which is what I wanted since I moved every 2-3 years growing up and never got to experience that.
      Like your kids, mine grew up around strong woman. I am a executive and my kids have told me several times I working harder than anyone they know. They both are in college and enjoy traveling and helping others like their mom. I am very proud of them. If I had had support for the last 26 year, I would stay where I am at, as country life is so relaxing.

      I get where you are coming from. If you ever drive down to Texas, feel free to park your tiny home at my place under one of the 200+ year old oak trees. You can sit on the deck or lay on the hammock and sip some Texas wine.


      • Thank you so kindly. Almost bought some property down that way. My older daughter was born in Fort Worth. I completely agree with you on the time spent on maintenance being prohibitive when you are older and want more free time. Really glad you stopped by to chat! I used to admin support to some execs in a financial company until I got cut in a big RIF a couple of years ago. Still trying to find my way back to a respectable salary. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I’m one of the few people you will ever meet how has no degree but will sit down and real a Microsoft programming manual cover to cover if that’s what it takes for me to get something done (laughable I know but also true). You have some real spunk keeping all that up by yourself for 26 years. Building a tiny house should be a cakewalk. When you get ready to take it on let me know. Who knows, depending on what’s going on in my life maybe I’ll take you up on spending a winter down south and we can knock that thing out for you, lol!

  9. Loved your story and truly admire you and most of all what a great job you have done. Enjoyed reading all the posts above too. All the best to you, I love your wee home it is beautiful.

    We come over to the US every year my best friend lives just outside of Boston, we always take a roadtrip up to Freeport Maine as we love the state, maybe see you some day.
    Best wishes
    Caroline Jones
    London UK

    • I love your English accent. I can hear it through the type face! Freeport, Maine is truly one of my favorite places as well. When my mom comes up from the Southwest we always make the drive up Rte. 1 along the coast as far as she cares to go. Best wishes to you as well and thanks for stopping by.

      • My American friends always say the same thing, so funny that I even sound English in my writing tee hee. I know Rte one so well, like the back of my hand lol. Such a pleasure to talk to you have a wonderful evening, we are just about to eat our dinner.
        Best wishes
        Caroline 🙂

  10. Thank you for posting your story and the photos of your wonderful Tiny House. As a 50 year old single mum who is just at the planning stage of her Tiny House journey I can’t tell you how reassuring it is to know that it can be done, (and done excellently!), by a woman. I have very few carpentry skills but can sew and have laid a wooden floor in my living room. I know the, ‘measure twice, cut once rule’, having learnt it the hard way! I shall be working my way through your archives.

    Like Caroline, I live in the UK where the Tiny House movement is still in it’s infancy, thankfully there are people like yourself to help show us the way.

    Bright Blessings!

    • I have never really seen myself as part of a “movement.” I see myself as a woman who needs solutions to a life that’s been banged around a good deal. I’m not content to get up every remaining day being miserable and thinking about how “the other half” lives. Living from a campsite you realize much is want rather than need so it makes it easier to find a way to locate the middle ground between the two. I would think being in the UK (an island) you will find many magnificent views for your home once you have it completed!

  11. Shirley your house is wonderful! At 58 I decided to pursue a long-held dream of building a tiny off grid cabin – which is nearly complete now that I’m pushing 61! Oh, and I’m a woman, too, and yes, everyone said I was crazy! They don’t say that anymore!

    • Thank you. I was going to try to “friend” you on FB but I couldn’t find the button. I was hoping there would be pics of your efforts there and would welcome the opportunity to see your handiwork! Kudos to you!

  12. Dear S: Where is your little house located? I am very impressed by your little house. I too am planning on downsizing. How do people go about finding property to put their homes? I live in a mobile home right now. My companion owns the property and when he passes, (if before me) I want to get a couple of room mates to help with expenses. I was thinking of just purchasing a travel trailer with a couple of sliders and just put it on the property incorporated close to my sewing room, and let the room mates stay in the mobile. I don’t know exactly how long I would be able to stay there. Hope you’ll enjoy your little house. Looking forward to hearing from you. I am on Facebook Rosemarie Price

    • Thank you. I’m up in New England right now but am looking at some other states for a little down the road. I have researched my info for years (literally decades). Clearly you have access to a computer so I would suggest just looking around until you come across whatever it is that you think will suit your needs, based upon what you are trying to achieve. Best of luck to you!

  13. what you accomplished is my dream, the only way i can retire, Everyone I talk about it to just thinks its a joke.

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  15. This is great! Thank you for sharing your story and pictures with us. I have only recently come across the whole “Tiny House” movement and am very intrigued. This past year I have started “downsizing” my “stuff” and it has been very freeing and cathartic. I am a crafty person and it has really taken over our home since our children have moved out. I have in the past year downsized it to 1 room and working on getting some of my many UFO’s(unfinished objects) finished. I have donated most of my fabric to our local oncology department for chemo hats and to our senior center for quilts for kids at the local shelter. It has gotten to the point of being overwhelming when I go to do a craft because I have so much stuff! It is amazing how freeing it can be to toss, donate or give this stuff away. I am working on getting my husband on board with the tiny house idea and he is slowing coming around. Especially when I mention how much money we could save and put towards paying off the car and other debt. To you and all those brave souls who have jumped in and done – good job! I admire your hard work and determination! Hope to some day be able to do the same thing.

    • Honestly mine started as an idea for retirement but then loss of job and income turned it in other avenues… Thanks for commenting.

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