Everything on the roof is being held down, and tied together, with hurricane ties; both the ridge board, and the rafters.

The roof is 4:12 and rafters are 48″ on each side.  These measurements allow dimensional plywood to be used with minimal cutting and waste.  It will also make it easier for me to roof without the assistance of others.  The roof slope will accept small permanently mounted solar panels and the extended front of the ridge board will host the small wind generator (windmill/wind turbine).


Given the tight exterior working space, physical strength limitations, inexperience, and natural fear of heights, safety dictated the purchase of a second scaffold.  One scaffold was used by Sheryl on the outside of the building while I was on the other scaffold inside the building.  It took both of us to get each full sheet of plywood up onto the roof and into position.

The scaffolds will be stacked to allow me to more easily ( as opposed to working from a ladder) paper and shingle the roof.


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