Teaching myself to build, I decided to experiment in a way that would keep my costs somewhat contained.  I chose a second-hand trailer found on Craig’s List (love that place).

I gave the trailer to the pro’s and had them work their magic.  Four new tires and a new brake system later, the trailer was mechanically sound.  I had already removed the car guard in an effort to lighten the load and remove anything extraneous.

Hauling the trailer was an event!  My little Chevy Colorado and I put on the blinkers and took our sweet time.  Never having towed anything in my life, the speedometer stayed at 50 for the duration of the hour-long trek.  About 43 backup attempts and a lot of white-knuckling later, I had arrived!

I toyed with leaving the decking because it was somewhat serviceable but just couldn’t get comfortable with the idea so off it came.  Although I could have worked around the remaining bolts I decided to use a rotary cutter and snap them off as well.  More wire brushing.  More Rustoleum.

We’re ready for the next step!

The next step is providing the foundation upon which everything else will be built.

Although very time intensive, I wanted to be sure this foundation was as solid as it could be.  Drilling approximately 70 holes through 1/4″ plate steel, using 3″ bolts and hurricane ties, I believe I’ve achieved my goal!


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